Activism at 88 Greenwich

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Apparently, there has been a colorful history of resident activism at the Douchbag Dormitory AKA 88 Greenwich AKA Greenwich Club Residences:

Letter from 88 Greenwich: No Fun in the FiDi?

Tenant-Landlord Battles Heat Up Downtown

John Januz Reinstatement

Community Activism: Battling the 88 Greenwich Board & Management Company

And here is a douche-a-licious article about the building from the NY Post: TO FIDI FOR.

There is also a colorful Greenwich Club Owners forum on Yahoo Groups.  Unfortunately, it looks like the posts are private now.


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88 Greenwich Update

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Douchebag Dormitory revealed.

This morning at the continental breakfast buffet at the Douchebag Dormitory, a rich white bitch, with her Aryan spawn and Asian domestic in tow decided to make conversation with “the help,” a Latina women who sets up the breakfast.

Rich Bitch: Where is your “hee-hoe?” (hijo)

The Help: Oh, my son? He is at my home.

Rich Bitch: Ok, oh, so he is at home.  Great.

Moral of this story:  Don’t butcher other people’s language.  Especially when they speak perfectly good English.  Otherwise, you sound like Peggy Hill from King of the Hill speaking Texican.  I bet this bitch is the kind of whitey that “namastes” her Tibetan nanny, and honors “oriental” culture by using chopsticks, eating sushi, loving Pad Thai, and practicing yoga too.  Lay off biatch.  Don’t steal other people’s culture and appropriate it badly.

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